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From "WANG Chi" <>
Subject RE: Generate wrapped basic types by JAVA2WSDL
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2007 09:02:51 GMT
Oh, I forgot to say that I use Axis 1.4

this is a little urgent, so thank you very much!

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From: WANG Chi []
Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2007 4:50 PM ?
Subject: Generate wrapped basic types by JAVA2WSDL


I write an interface

ublic interface InvocationManager {
	 * Invoke an OTA service in advanced mode.
	 * @param sessionId		session ID (mandatory)
	 * @param msisdn		msisdn (mandatory)
	 * @param serviceName	name of service (mandatory)
	 * @param dataAsString	a single data as a String to be exploited/parsed by the service (optional)
	 * @param transactionId			transaction ID	(optional)
	 * @param smscMode				smsc mode, the valid value is MT, SMSC, or TRANS. (optional)
	 * @param driverId				the driver ID (optional)
	 * @param guaranteeOfExecution	Requested guarantee of execution (optional)
	 * @param guaranteeOfDelivery	Requested guarantee of delivery (optional)
	 * @param priority				Requested priority, 0 Emergency, 1 Urgent, 2 Normal.  (optional)
	 * @param invocationValidityPeriod	The invocation validity period, in millisecond. (optional)
	 * @param smsValidityPeriod			The SMS validity period, in millisecond. (optional)
	 * @param httpNotificationPoint		a URL to display the final delivery status of the service
	 * @return The invocation Id if invocation is registered, or null if some error occurs
	 * @throws DeniedAccessFault		if the login failed
	 * @throws ServiceBreakDownFault	if OTA server is down
	 * @throws InvalidInvocationFault	if the invocation is invalid or expired
	public String advancedInvoke(String sessionId, String msisdn,
			String serviceName, String dataAsString, String transactionId,
			String smscMode, Integer driverId, Boolean guaranteeOfExecution,
			Boolean guaranteeOfDelivery, Integer priority,
			Long invocationValidityPeriod, Long smsValidityPeriod,
			String httpNotificationPoint) throws DeniedAccessFault,
			ServiceBreakDownFault, InvalidInvocationFault;


Then I call JAVA2WSDL and WSDL2JAVA  to generate the stubs, the style is WRAPPED/LITERAL

<axis-java2wsdl typemappingversion="1.2" style="WRAPPED" use="LITERAL" classname="com.gemplus.ota.soap.card.InvocationManager"
location="${invocation-url}" bindingname="InvocationManagerSoapBinding" namespace=""
				<classpath refid="wsdl.classpath" />

<axis-wsdl2java typemappingversion="1.2" serverside="true" url="${wsdl.dir}/invocationmanager.wsdl"
deployscope="Application" skeletondeploy="true" output="${sources.dir}">
				<mapping namespace="" package="com.gemplus.ota.soap.card"

but in the generated class, the wrapped basic types Integer, Boolean, etc.. are converted
to basic types int, boolean...

how to retain the wrapped basic types? 

thank you very much!

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