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From "David Illsley" <>
Subject Re: [AXIS2] EndpointReference Serialization
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2007 13:56:06 GMT
On 28/03/07, Francesco Leone <> wrote:
> Hi!
> I have some trouble with EndpointReference serialization, in particular when
> i use
> an Endpoint Reference with ReferenceParameters, i have a notSerializable
> exception
> referred to
>  .OMElementImpl . I guess that the OMElement
> used ad ReferenceParameters is the origin of the problem, i just take a look
> to the EndpointReference source
> of axis2-1.1.1 but i find that there is a Map to collect the OMElement
> rappresenting ReferenceParameters but there are not
> in the class the readObject and writeObject method to permit the
> serialization of this map of OMElement.
> One possible solution is to transform EndpointReference in the realtive
> OMElement (by EndpointReferenceHelper), then serializing with
> OMElement.serialize()
> and then, after the deserialization, transforming the OMElement in
> EndpointReference. A little bit complicated..any suggestions?
> Thanks
> Francesco Leone

Yes, try Axis2 1.2-RC1. The EndpointReference class now implements
read/writeObject which correctly serialises the EPR to/from XML.


David Illsley - IBM Web Services Development

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