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From "Francesco Leone" <>
Subject [AXIS2] EndpointReference Serialization
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2007 08:18:52 GMT
I have some trouble with EndpointReference serialization, in particular when
i use
an Endpoint Reference with ReferenceParameters, i have a notSerializable
referred to . I guess that the
used ad ReferenceParameters is the origin of the problem, i just take a look
to the EndpointReference source
of axis2-1.1.1 but i find that there is a Map to collect the OMElement
rappresenting ReferenceParameters but there are not
in the class the readObject and writeObject method to permit the
serialization of this map of OMElement.
One possible solution is to transform EndpointReference in the realtive
OMElement (by EndpointReferenceHelper), then serializing with
and then, after the deserialization, transforming the OMElement in
EndpointReference. A little bit complicated..any suggestions?
Francesco Leone

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