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From "Philipp, Karl" <>
Subject Unexpected creaton of an intermediate layer (wrapper class) by using Axis v1.1.1
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2007 12:27:30 GMT

Using the invocation

 %AXIS2_HOME%\bin\wsdl2java -uri addServicePort.wsdl -p danet -d adb -s

I created the stub Surprisingly an
additional intermediate layer represented by the class 
AddService0(...) has been created. This class is needed for a proper
call of the service:

 public AddServiceResponse addService(AddService0 param) {

   EIMessageContext context =

That is, the AddService0 wraps the original AddService class I'm
interested in. But why is this wrapping needed?

If I try the Axis2UserGuideService example

such intermediate layers will be not created. For example there is no
TwoWayOneParameterEchoRequest0 class:

TwoWayOneParameterEcho(TwoWayOneParameterEchoRequest param) {

At the present time we plan to migrate our connector from JBossWS to
Axis2. But the additional AddService0 class is a migration issue.

Is there an approach to avoid this "wrapper class"?

Because I used the same invocation as for the Axis2UserGuideService
example I guess it depends on the entries of the WSDL. 


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