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From Nilesh Ghorpade <>
Subject Re: Better way to map from axis generated objects to domain?
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2007 11:18:15 GMT
Yes I believe JiBX is the right way of using your existing domian  objects with the Web Service.
This would take care of the mapping  required.
  I believe having your own custom mapping layer would not be a good  idea. This is because
it would require you to update the layer if and  when there are any changes to the domain
  Please correct me if I am wrong.

Dennis Sosnoski <> wrote:  JiBX data binding allows you to map XML directly
to your domain objects, 
while maintaining a fairly loose coupling between the XML and the 
objects. A binding definition is used to specify how the XML relates to 
the objects.

  - Dennis

Dennis M. Sosnoski
SOA and Web Services in Java
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Robert Monical wrote:
> Transfer objects. I create a class for each required transfer. In some 
> cases, more than one domain class maps to a Web class.
> At 04:02 PM 3/15/2007 -0400, Josh wrote:
>> Robert,
>> My application has an existing domain/service layer that does not map 
>> 1:1 with the entities that will be used on the wire.  My process thus 
>> far has been to create a schema for the web service input/output and 
>> generate the java objects that map to them.  What I am left with is 
>> still two different object models.  Just like we use Hibernate/Ibatis 
>> to map between objects and tables, I would like to map between these 
>> two layers of objects.  This way, the web service layer can change 
>> independently from my existing domain/service layer.  What are you 
>> using for your mapping layer?
>> Joshua
>> On 15 Mar 2007 17:48:58 -0000, *Robert Monical* 
>> > wrote:
>>     I use a mapping layer to go from WSDL generated to Domain
>>     Objects.  Since this is a legacy system and the domain objects
>>     are reversed out of a database with Hibernate we have information
>>     in the domain objects that is not relevent to the Web service
>>     interface.
>>     If you have the ability/desire to tightly couple the Web service
>>     to your domain, then maybe you don't need to do a mapping. I'ld
>>     be nervous.
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>>     >Subject: RE: Better way to map from axis generated objects to
>>     domain?
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>>     >Hello,
>>     >
>>     >Starting from a wsdl/schema, Axis will generate some plumbing
>>     >code/objects
>>     >to marshal/unmarshal xml.  Is there an easier way to map to/from
>>     these
>>     >generated object to my corresponding domain objects?  Is anyone
>>     using
>>     >any
>>     >mapping layer to do this?  What are the best practices for
>>     insulating
>>     >your
>>     >existing java code from changes to the code generated by Axis?
>>     >
>>     >Thanks,
>>     >
>>     >Joshua
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