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From "donald yang" <>
Subject I have fixed the some bugs in axis2 and attaching updates
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2007 14:20:01 GMT
Hi, I have fixed some bugs in axis2, but I don't know how to update the
source code repositry. Could you check it and put the update into
AXIS2-1.2final release?

1. Hot update web services that load native library.

When you develop web services as a wrapper of native library(e.g., .dll or
.so library), you can NOT hot update the web service as JVM will tell you
that the dll has been loaded.

The simple solution is to force JVM run garbage collector. So I updated * *and what I have changed is to add System.gc() twice
at end of the method *unDeploy()*(Line number 681 and 682).

2. Bug AXIS2-2253

Currently AXIS2 can not map java data types(BigDecimal, BigInteger, Day,
Duration, Month, MonthDay, Time, Year, YearMonth) to corresponding XML data
type and deserialize them. I have fixed the bug and test it. It is fine.

To solve mapping from these data types to XML data type, I updated * *and added these mapping into the method *
populateSimpleTypes()* (from Line number 82 - 103)

To solve the deserialized problem, I updated **
1) First I defined String variables for these data types (Line number 56 -
2) I added some codes to return these type objects into the method
*(from Line number 117 - 146)
3) I added some codes to indicate these type objects are simpleTypeObject
into the method *isSimpleType. *(from Line number 246 -261)

Could you please update the source tree?

best regards

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