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From "Krishnamoorthy J (HCL Financial Services)" <>
Subject RE: Approach for creating web services
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2007 04:54:43 GMT

We are following WSDL first approach.


1) Create the message schema

2) generate the XML-Object bindings using Castor (Jibx)

3) Design the WSDL using the schema to create messages

4) use WSDL2Java to generate the Java classes

5) use the XML-Object binding classes and implement the logic in the
generated classes


When we tried the Java first approach, we had issues with external
applications (BPEL Designer) in consuming the generated WSDL.

So we started using WSDL First as we have control over what is exposed
to external applications.



From: Vibhor_Sharma [] 
Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 9:25 AM
Subject: Approach for creating web services



    I just wanted to verify the approach that i'm following to create
the web services. I'm developing web services for the legacy code. 


1) I created the interfaces in the similar fashion we do for RMI with
the helper objects.

2) Then i used the java2wsdl file to create the wsdl file.

3) I tweaked the wsdl file to introduce few parameters such as  error
code and error message in the fault element.

4) After this i generate the java classes again from this modified wsdl

5) I invoke the business logic from the skeleton and deploy this code in
the form of aar archive on the Jboss container.

6) To invoke the service i create the stubs and then write a simple
client program to invke the service through the stubs. 


This thing works but just wnated to verify if this approach is ok?


Right now i'm exposing thesae services as sycnhronous services but later
can these same services be used for asynchronous calls too??


I would use these services to be invoked through the REST interface too.





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