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From Deepal Jayasinghe <>
Subject [Axis2] Axis2 1.2 release prograss
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2007 10:38:16 GMT
Hi All;

As I mentioned in [1] most of the features are in complete state (of
course some of them as experimental features) so we are ready to go
ahead with 1.2 release :) . The status of the feature items are listed
below and there are few items that I would like to see the status
(specially JAX-WS ) , so please update the list on their progress.

About the release I would like to release Axis2 1.2 RC1 on this Friday
(24^th March) and do the testing , depending on the JIRAs and other
issue will decide whether we need some other RC or not. And release
Axis2 1.2 on April first week (if every thing went well).

- WSDL 2.0 fully support – DONE
(Reading , writing and codegen)

- POJO – annotation – DONE 
  (Almost complete but need more testing)
- REST Annotation 
  (I forget this item , what do we need to do here , is that some kind of custom annotation
for REST ?)
- JAX-WS integration
 (Please update the list )
- JAX-WS -annotation
 (I hope we do have JAX-WS annotation support , any way please update the list)
- Un-wrapping (Response) - DONE
- ADB - missing schema support - DONE
- Move security and Sawan module from Axis2 trunk -DONE
- Maven2 support – Almost done (dims are we in good position on mvn2)
- JASON support - DONE
- Binary serialization – almost done
- Geronimo Integration 
 (Lasantha pls update the list )
- Jax-ws option for code gen (Jaxbri as the db) – Wont implement
- Custom File cache mechanism – Thilina ?
- Multiple services support in code gen (WSDL with multiple services) -DONE
- HTTP code generation (both WSDL 1.1 and 2.0) -DONE
- i18n support – Won't implement
- Fix/update helper mode - DONE

In addition to above major features we have fixed numerous JIRA issues
and have added new features as well (Custom deployers , Message
formatters , Builders etc etc.)

How abt JAX-WS release , is that going to follow a separate release
cycle or will that be release with Axis2 ?

So what do you think about the release plan , is that ok if I go ahead
with that and do the RC1 end of this week :)

[1] -


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