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From "" <>
Subject 2 problems, simple function, hot deployment
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2007 22:44:06 GMT
1) I've used axis2 for pojo beans and it's worked good.
There is very good example for it. But I suffer cause of lack of
or I can't find it.
I'm going to make a function like this

OutputWrapper function(InputWrapper inputwrapper)
{ /*.../* }

so there are
class OutputWrapper
int int;
int int2;
String string;
/* get* i set* also*/

and similar class InputWrapper
boolean bool;
String string;

and there is class MyPojo
OutputWrapper outputwrapper;
InputWrapper inputwrapper;
/* get* and set* also*/

and before I take outputwrapper
I call some function which takes data from database also.
It is called inside getoutputwrapper, before return;

But the problem is, that where there are many clients, one
client set the inputwrapper and is trying to call getoutputwrapper
and it will work, get data from database and return outputwrapper,
but when another client in this time call setinputwrapper, first
client receive data from outputwrapper, which are wrong (because
argument is changed).
So, this WeatherBean from Tutorial is ok, but I need 1 function:
OutputWrapper function(InputWrapper inputwrapper), bean and get*
and set* don't work for me.

Can AXIS2 help me?


2) hot deployment in Jboss doesn't work, does it? 

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