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From "Ryan Nelsestuen" <>
Subject RE: [Axis2][Rampart] Rampart and SwA
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2007 15:18:21 GMT
I have done some investigating in the Rampart module and one reason it uses
a lot of memory is that in the RampartEngine it creates a RampartMessageData
which appears to convert the entire message to a DOM and then back to OM.
Bypassing this processing by modifying the Rampart module.xml allows us to
do "true" streaming (but of course, you can't do that if you actually want
Rampart to modify the outbound or inbound message).

Also, some research I did indicated (if I understood it correctly) that in
Axis1.1.1 MTOM doesn't really work as an attachment - it ALWAYS will get
encoded as Base64 embedded in the message - there was a config option
previously (in Axis1.0) that allowed some sort of parameter to define binary
data nodes, but it seems to have disappears.

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From: Sebastian Roschke [] 
Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2007 5:04 AM
Subject: Re: [Axis2][Rampart] Rampart and SwA

Hi Thilina,

thanks for the answer. I know that Rampart is able to secure MTOM
messages. But utilizing MTOM is not usable for large messages. The
amount of required memory is that high it is not usable for our
project... I don't know the excact reasons for that, but in our
performance tests the MTOM approach requires a lot of additional memory.
The MTOM approach with file caching needs additional excecution time.
Therefore we try to implement processing of large messages(more than
100MB) with SwA and java streams.

Do you know where I can ask questions concerning the roadmap of specific
components of Axis2? Maybe this is the wrong mailing list for such kind
of question.
But anyway, thanks for your answer...


Thilina Gunarathne schrieb:
> Rampart has the capability to secure attachments send using MTOM..
> I'm not sure whether is there or planned support for SwA..
> Thanks,
> Thilina
> On 3/1/07, Sebastian Roschke <>
> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> due to memory efficiency I work with SwA to send messages based on java
>> streams. Is there a possibility to secure such messages with Rampart? Is
>> there any support for SwA in Rampart planned for future releases?
>> Regards,
>> Sebastian

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