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From "Alicia Sánchez-Mora" <>
Subject Inicialization of a UnsignedByte
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2007 11:45:22 GMT

I have a Java client that has to call some services implemented in C++. For
my alication I use axis/tomcat, for the C++ services gsoap is used. The
method in Java is implemented as follows:

*public* String reqAuthI1 (String src, String dst, RegOpts opts){
final int puzzle = 10;
final int signblob = 1;
final int result = 1;
*final* UnsignedByte ptr = *new*  UnsignedByte("this is a test") ;
*final* Base64  blob = *new* Base64 (ptr, 10, *"id"*, *"type"*, *"options"*

Sde_ServiceLocator sdeservice = *new* Sde_ServiceLocator();
Sde_cmd_executor executor = sdeservice.getsde();
String result_respAuthI1 = executor.respAuthI1(src, dst, puzzle, blob,
signblob, result);

*return* dummy_result;


When I call the function respAuthI1,  in the server side the blob length is
cero. I do not have a clue where the problem comes from. Any idea?

Thanks in advance

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