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From "Anne Thomas Manes" <>
Subject Re: Question on best practices regarding wsdl/xsd "import"
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2007 04:46:58 GMT
I just think that people don't follow best practices.

Actually, a lot of tools will now automatically generate types in
separate schemas, but I not aware of any tools that generate the
service separately from the portType and/bindings.

Of course the real best practice is to generate code form schemas
rather than generating schemas from code.


On 2/20/07, John Eapen <> wrote:
> Its my understanding that the one of  best practices for wsdl developments
> is to create schema types in a separate xsd file, the portType of wsdl
> (abstract portion ) as a separate file and the wsdl service ( concrete
> definition ) to be a in a separate file.
> Obviously this helps with reuse , modularity and ease of development.
> Couple of questions/observations
> a. When I look around, at other published wsdl's,  I see that most of them
> do not follow this approach and rather have a single wsdl file containing
> everything.
> Is my understanding of this suggested practice incorrect or  are there
> interoperability issues here which may hv forced a single file approach ?
> b. Is there a way/tool/script to generate a "imploded" wsdl file ( just like
> axis does ) where all the imports statements are replaced by the actual base
> files ?
> Thanks
>   John

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