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From "Owen Thomas" <>
Subject Creating Web Services for future ESB.
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2007 05:03:04 GMT


Please excuse my ignorance if, in asking this question, I seem to have
no idea. I really would like one of those - hence I ask this question. I
hope people from this forum can help.


I am backing away from a full ESB solution because nothing out there
seems quite stable enough - or maybe I'm just not confident enough to
settle on a particular solution. What I would like to do is add web
services to all our internal systems, and provide these interfaces
directly to our customers. I would like to put a lightweight JVM on each
host, and run appropriate web services for systems that that host...
hosts. If I were putting together a JBI ESB, these would be the binding
connectors, and indeed, this is what I'd ideally want them to be when I
consider an ESB.


Problem is I don't have any idea how to create such thins as these. I've
created Web services that are run inside a web server, but maybe I'm a
bit scared to create them to run simply within the JVM. Is this anything
particularly special? Do I just create the web service class in source
code like any other Java program? Is it that simple?


Some advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for your time,



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