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From "Rishi krish" <>
Subject sendReceive and sendRobust
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2007 18:52:23 GMT
Hi All

I am confused abt the usage of these 2 methods in the ServiceClient class.
As per the axis2 doc - we should use sendRobust if we are not needing the
response but care abt the fault and we should use sendReceive if we care abt
the reponse and fault. Does it mean that calling sendReceive should work in
both cases?

Case 1> The web service operation I am calling has no response [service
method has java void as return type]
Case 2>The web service operation has declared [service method has OMElement
as return type] response but
       Case2 a>for an invocation of that method it returns null
       Case2 b>for another invocation it return data.

I am testing my application with these above cases [and subcases] and its
working with sendReceive in client. In that case I am not clear whats the
use of having sendRobust ?? It seems using sendReceive will be enough for
handling all the cases - right?

I am writing my own DII Web Service Client using the ServiceClient api.
Unless really needed I want to use sendReceive and fireAndForget [for
oneway]. Can anyone point me if I am not getting this right.


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