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From Espen Falkevik <>
Subject authentication and caching
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2007 13:22:57 GMT
I guess this might not be a very Axis related question, but I got some great help before,
so maybe some might be able to help me.

I have some webservices running on Axis on Weblogic. I use basic authentication to send and
retrieve username/password, and then I create an InitialContext against getAccess, in my webservices.
After creating the InitialContext, I use this for looking up an Ejb on my app. server, and
then call some method there. By doing this, the user is authenticated at the EJB (got an currentSubject
and this has some privileges assosiated to it) and in all EJBs which are called from the first

Because the creation of the InitialContext is quite costly, I want to cache this (or some
other object) so that I don't have to call getAccess each time I receive a call to my webservice,
and second, the currentSubject is correct (got the same privileges) in the first EJB and in
all other EJB when I access the webservice the second time (and later on).

When I do this now, the InitialContext is cached (I get the same id for the InitialContext
each time), but from the second call (which is the first call that use cached version of the
initialContext), the currentSubject in the EJB doesn't have any privileges assosiated with

Does anyone know how I can fix this / work around this problem?


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