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From Vedha Vijayan <>
Subject {Axis2] contextRoot and servicePath settings
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2007 18:58:07 GMT

  I use Axis2-1.1.1 version as an embedded webapp in Tomcat 5.5.17. I've
deployed my service and the endpoint to this service is
http://localhost:8080/Comergent/ws/matrix/services/UserService . Without
changing the settings for contextRoot and servicePath properties in
axis2.xml, the service is never found on the server side. So, I tried to
change these settings in axis2.xml file, the values being;

contextRoot -> Comergent/ws

servicePath -> matrix/services

But, I still face the same problem wherein none of the dispatchers are
able to locate the service. My queries:

1. Given that all endpoints will have a common context
http://localhost:8080/Comergent/ws , should'nt this be the context root

2. The URL includes a dynamic property in that, the endpoint follows
this pattern,
http://localhost:8080/Comergent/ws/<some_value>/services/<ServiceName> .
What should the values for contextRoot and servicePath be in this case. 

3. Are these the only parameters i need to modify, or are there any
other parameters that need modification.

Thanks in advance.


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