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From "Harish Hirasave" <>
Subject Question axis 2 Java2WSDL tool
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2007 20:05:08 GMT


I have a pojo from which I am trying a generate a wsdl. The pojo has the


public String getEligibleIVRPromotions(String phone)

        throws RemoteException


        String errorMsg =

        String xml = null;

        return xml;



This method returns a String object.


When I convert it to wsdl using the java2WSDL tool the wsdl method gets
generated with a getEligibleIVRPromotionsRequest Object as input and
getEligibleIVRPromotionsResponse Object as the return object.


How do I prevent this and  make the method return a String object and
not a wrapper object getEligibleIVRPromotionsResponse? Attached is the
wsdl. Please help.






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