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From "Sherman Uri" <>
Subject Attachments in SOAP
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2007 15:12:23 GMT
I am looking into using attachments in some of my web services, for the
trnsfer of pictures, videos, etc.
I googled arround for a bit, and couldn't really find a clear tutorial
in axis site on the subject, but rather got confused from all the
different choices (MIME/DIME/MTOM, using SAAJ and javax.activation in
contrust to using axis proprietary libraries, and so forth).
So, I'm currently using axis 1.4, but might decide to switch to axis2 if
the subject calls for it.
I even got a working example using the javax.activation.DataHandler as a
parameter to my service method to pass the attachment. The thing is the
wsdl generated by axis is clearly not generic (it marks the parameter of
type "apachesoap:DataHandler").
Can anyone shed some light on the subject? Pros and Cons for the
different options and some reading resources, I found lots of bits of
knoledge but nothing giving a bigger picture....

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