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From "Sherman Uri" <>
Subject RE: Extracting operation name from a request
Date Sun, 07 Jan 2007 16:08:43 GMT
U mean from the client side?
I'm not using a Call object, I'm using the stub generated by axis. Anyway, if I were to use
a call, I would be the one setting the operation name, so the get
method would just be returning what I set. I don't really see what this has to do with my
problem, or did I miss undestand u?


From: Martin Gainty [] 
Sent: Sunday, January 07, 2007 5:40 PM
Subject: Re: Extracting operation name from a request

Hi Sherman
what happens when you request the LocalPart of the QName from your client call object e.g.
String operationName = call.getOperationName().getLocalPart();
Anyone else?
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	From: Sherman Uri <>  
	Sent: Sunday, January 07, 2007 6:33 AM
	Subject: Extracting operation name from a request


	I wrote a handler (axis 1.4) that needs to obtain the operation name from every incomming
request. For some of my services, the msgCtx.getOperation() method returns null. 

	After a little investigation debugging axis cocde I found out that for operations that are
"overloaded", that is, 

	more than one operation with the same name (but different arguments), the OperationDesc is
set only at a later stage, after my handler is invoked, after the style is determind and arguments
are investigated. 

	When the operation name itself in a request has just one match in the service interface,
the OperationDesc is set right away, since the arguments don't need to be investigated.

	So that's just fine by me, question is how do I get my handler to be invoked only after the
OperationDesc is set, or alternatively, how can I obtain just the operation name in the request,
I don't care about the whole OperationDesc object, all I want is the name of the operation.



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