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From <>
Subject Prefix [xsi] used without binding it to a namespace
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2007 21:24:37 GMT
I'm still very much an axis2 newbie, so sorry if this is a dumb
I'm getting the above error returned from a third party server.
This makes sense to me because the soap envelope looks like this:
...and the body contains this element (among other things):
<lastSyncDtime xsi:nil="true"></lastSyncDtime>
there are other elements in the body that /do/ include the namespace.
<clientDeviceCd xmlns:xsi="
<> "
It seems to me that the namespace declaration should be in the soap
envelope rather than included with every element that needs it - but
maybe I don't get to control that.
I'm using wsdl2Java on a wsdl supplied by the third party, and I'm using
XMLBeans binding.
I'm running java 1.5
Where did I go wrong, and how do I fix this?
Did I miss something in the code generation step?
Do I need to add custom code to the stub?
Maybe I got one of the dependent jars wrong?
Maybe I didn't configure a module correctly (I think the only one I'm
using is "addressing")?
Overwhelmed and needing help,

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