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From ChadDavis <>
Subject Re: problems with quick start
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2007 00:25:57 GMT
Talking to myself.  But oh well.

So, I've fixed, at least in my environment, the build files for the
quickstartadb samples.  I changed the wsdl2java tasks in both
generate.service and generate.client to inherently work from the same
directory as the build by writing their output attribute path as


I just added the basedir property.

However, I'm still curious to know whether these build files work for
other people???

On 1/10/07, ChadDavis <> wrote:
> Okay.  So I went back and tried to do the ADB service with the ant
> tasks.  I had previously build the service manually.  The ant task
> doesn't work for the ADB service either.  Perhaps I've got something
> set up wrong.  But in the interest of improving the build file . . .
> Here's the target to build the service.  Notice that the output folder
> assigned to the WSDL2Java task is the exact same as the directory
> indicated in the <ant ..> task.  The ant tasks wants to execute the
> build.xml generated by the wsdl2java task.  And though it intuitively
> seems like it should work, since they both point to
> "${build.dir}/service", it doesn't work for me.  Note,
> "${build.dir}/service" resolves, within the property space of the
> executing ant task, to "build/service"
> What happens on my build is that the output from the wsdl2java task
> resolves the directory for its output based upon the AXIS2_HOME ( I'm
> not sure whether it gets it from the environment variable but that's
> where it goes ).  So, the output from the wsdl2java task ends up going
> to a AXIS2_HOME/build/service/ BUT the <ant . . . > task is looking at
> its own local build/service ( which happens to be, in the case of the
> quickstart example, AXIS2_HOME/samples/quickstartadb/build/service )
> and it can't find the generated build.xml of course.
> So, the question is, how does the wsdl2java task resolve its output attribute?
> FYI, here's the whole generate.service target:
>   <target name="generate.service" depends="init">
>         <taskdef name="wsdl2java"
>                  classname="org.apache.axis2.tool.ant.AntCodegenTask"
>                  classpathref="axis2.classpath"/>
>         <wsdl2java
> wsdlFilename="${basedir}/resources/META-INF/StockQuoteService.wsdl"
>                    output="${build.dir}/service"
>                    packageName="samples.quickstart.service.adb"
>                    language="java"
>                    databindingName="adb"
>                    synconly="true"
>                    serverside="true"
>                    serverSideInterface="true"
> namespaceToPackages="http://quickstart.samples/xsd=samples.quickstart.service.adb.xsd"
>                    generateservicexml="true"/>
>         <copy file="${basedir}/src/samples/quickstart/service/adb/"
>               toDir="${build.dir}/service/src/samples/quickstart/service/adb/"
>               overwrite="yes">
>         </copy>
>         <copy file="${basedir}/resources/META-INF/services.xml"
>               toDir="${build.dir}/service/resources/"
>               overwrite="yes">
>         </copy>
>         <ant dir="${build.dir}/service"/>
>     </target>
> On 1/10/07, ChadDavis <> wrote:
> > Hello all.  I'm doing the ADB Client in the quickstart guide.  I am
> > able to build the client manually ( wsdl2java from the command line ),
> > but when I try to use the ant task to generate the client the task
> > fails.  I doesn't produce a stub, and doesn't produce a build.xml.
> > The only error ant gives is the complain that it can't find the
> > build.xml file for the <ant . . /> task at the end of the target (
> > generate.client).
> >

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