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From Marco Büchler <>
Subject [Serialisation of String[][] and HashMap]
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2007 14:07:03 GMT

we are trying to implement some linguistic webservices. we are still 
using an axis1-based work around and wants to switch to axis2.

we have many webservices. so we have to implement an standard interface.

our problem methode has the following singature:
String[][] execute(HashMap <String,String> toCopy);

our services needs 1 to 8 different properties to run. so it's our 
opinion that an easy key-value-mapping, as it is done by the 
java.util.HashMap-class, is best case for us.

our results should be an String[][] because we send maybe a large amount 
of datas back. so we think that the user get an representation of our 
datas (after deserialisation) in a compact way.

after running the wsdl2java-tool we have two problems:
a) the client-based execute-methode doesn't have a HashMap and a 
String[][]. there are build some classes capsulating an OMElement, if i 
remember correct. so it is absolutely not intuitive for us how to set 
b) we don't understand the wsdl file 

a request will be described as follow:
<xs:element name="execute">
       <xs:element name="toCopy" nillable="true" type="xs:anyType"/>

i understand this section as an normal sequence (array). but how should 
a key-value-mapping serialized with such a desription??

a response is described as follow:
<xs:element name="executeResponse">
       <xs:element maxOccurs="unbounded" name="return" nillable="true" 
in my opinion it's the same problem: the descritpion is a String[] and 
not a String[][].

can anyone help with serialization and deserialization of String[][]- 
and HashMap()-objects using axis2.

is there any experiences with .NET and String[][] or HashMap?

thank you.


Marco Büchler
University of Leipzig
Institute for Computer Science
Department of Natural Language Processing
Johannisgasse 26
04109 Leipzig, Germany

Room  : 5-43
Phone : 0341 / 97-32214
eMail :
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