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From "Yura Tkachenko" <>
Subject [Axis] Web Service deployed on the cluster
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2007 15:08:47 GMT
Hi, everybody!
I have a question about Axis and it's specific works on the cluster. I
deployed web service on the all nodes of the cluster. And I have session
entity when user are working with web service API. But on cluster I can't
guarantee that all users requests after login, will be processed by the same
node. Except one approache:

   - make session maintain (call in the soap binding
   setMaintainence(true) on the client). In that case server will return
   cookies where will be cluster node name. So the next client requests will be
   processed by the same node.

But it's not good solution in a case of Web Service usage, because cookies
isn't actually in standarts (Web Service standarts).

So, I trying to find out solution how to make that ws (Axis) session object
replicatable on the cluster and/or  I could specify Axis after login method
for e.g. use only specific node of the cluster.
FYI, I'm using Tomcat configured cluster.

I tried to implement my own axis session object and use replication for it
using ehCache, but unfortunatelly we have a lot of users and ehCache isn't
good place where I can store user's sessions. And the main lack that I can't
dynamically configured for specific instance of object in ehCache timeout

Any advise or solution is highly appreciatable. Please let me know if you
have any ideas how to deploy web service on the cluster correctly.


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