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From "Miguel Correia Ricardo" <>
Subject Re: Axis 1.4 Strange behaviour
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2006 16:17:04 GMT
Nobody knows the answer for this? ...

On 12/6/06, Miguel Correia Ricardo <> wrote:
> Hi you all,
> I'm getting all stressed out with a strange behaviour in Axis version 1.4.
> When I deploy a webservice, with my own custom handler, the wsdl gets
> generated. One of the methods, has a parameter of the type
> ArrayOf_soapenc_int. That is fine, because what I want to do, when I
> generated my client stubs, is to get an array of Integer's, that is:
> Integer[] corresponding to the ArrayOf_soapenc_int.
> But now, the freaky thing... The same webservice, without even
> stopping it, magically changes ArrayOf_soapenc_int to ArrayOf_xsd_int
> when I generate the wsdl again (changes it randomly , without any
> cause) and when I generate the client stubs again, I get of course, an
> int[] array. And that is not fine, because I want to be able to send
> nulls.
> Now, why does Axis, all the sudden changes the type to
> ArrayOf_soapenc_int, to ArrayOf_xsd_int?? I've searched the web
> forums, and one person said that the parameter dotnet_soapenc_bugfix,
> is not reliable, because it can change at any time...Is this true? Is
> the parameter dotnet_soapenc_bugfix causing this strange behaviour?
> Because I repeat, Axis changes the parameter type in the wsdl, without
> even stopping...And only happens to array types...
> I appreciate any help. Because this is very strange indeed...
> Thanks,
> Miguel Ricardo

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