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From "Martin Gainty" <>
Subject Re: WSDL type mapping for List
Date Mon, 25 Dec 2006 14:40:41 GMT
Good Morning Chinmay

If I look at return types available in \org\apache\axis2\namespace\ I dont see
an implementation for Vector currently available 
therefore following anne's suggestion of returning a SOAP_ARRAY is your best alternative

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  From: c b 
  Sent: Monday, December 25, 2006 8:55 AM
  Subject: Re: WSDL type mapping for List

  Thanks a lot for your reply.

  I have done my stuff by using an array of value objects.
  Wht I was trying to point out was Java2WSDL generates a proper schema defn for a 1D String[],
but not for a 2D String[].

  Thanks again,

  Rahul Devgan <> wrote:
    If I understand you correctly, you are trying to return string pairs, with a key and corresponding

    If this is right, 1. you could either use a Hashmap (axis has buitl in serializers for
hasmap, for sake of brevity both your client must also be a java one. I am not saying that
you can not invoke such a service from .Net clients, that would require you to use no 2 on
client side) or 2. an array of a value objects, their class being a simple one with 2 attributes,
the key and value. Ofcoucrse, following the java bean rules and having getters and setters
for both of them. 

    On 12/22/06, c b <> wrote: 
      Hey Anne,
      Thanks for the reply.
      My thing works fine now.

      I have now tried returning a 2D String array, but the schema generated for it is also
      similar to a 1D array. And the web service fails. 

      have u come across anything like this??


      Anne Thomas Manes <> wrote:
        Use an array rather than a List.

        On 12/15/06, c b wrote:
        > Hi Axis-Users,
        > I have a simple web service operation which returns a string. This was
        > working fine for me.
        > Recently I needed to change the return type from String to a 
        > List(ArrayList).
        > I duly generated the new wsdl and a new client and tried to invoke the newly
        > deployed
        > web service.
        > But it gives me an AXIS fault.
        > I checked the newly generated WSDL and the response element now shows the
        > type as
        > "xsd:anytype".
        > Does this have anything to do with the axis fault that I am getting? 
        > Thanks,
        > Chinmay.
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    warm regards,
    Rahul Devgan
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