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From marcogiglione <>
Subject Re: Axis2 and XMLBeans - what is the relationship?
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2006 15:50:14 GMT

i have a similiar problem... 
I have a simple person.xsd file that describes a person. Using xmlbean i
obtain a jar file that maps the xsd. I use this object PersonDocument as
parameter or return type of a method that i want to become a web service.
Then using java2wsdl i obtain a WSDL that Eclipse don't recognize (i don't
know if it is correct). I can't reach my target. 

Please help me. 

This is the wsdl generated 

<wsdl:definitions xmlns:axis2=""
xmlns:ns0="http://noNamespace/xsd" attributeFormDefault="qualified"
<xs:element name="salutaPersona"> 
<xs:element name="persona" nillable="true" type="ns0:PersonaDocument" /> 
</xs:schema><xs:schema xmlns:xs=""
xmlns:ax21="http://noNamespace/xsd" attributeFormDefault="qualified"
elementFormDefault="qualified" targetNamespace="http://noNamespace/xsd"> 
<xs:element name="PersonaDocument" type="ax21:PersonaDocument" /> 
<xs:complexType name="PersonaDocument"> 
<xs:element name="persona" nillable="true"
type="ax21:PersonaDocument$Persona" /> 
<xs:element name="PersonaDocument$Persona"
type="ax21:PersonaDocument$Persona" /> 
<xs:complexType name="PersonaDocument$Persona"> 
<xs:sequence /> 
name="salutaPersonaMessage"><wsdl:part name="part1"
element="ns:salutaPersona" /></wsdl:message><wsdl:portType
name="TestPortType"><wsdl:operation name="salutaPersona"><wsdl:input
/></wsdl:operation></wsdl:portType><wsdl:binding name="TestSOAP11Binding"
transport="" style="document"
/><wsdl:operation name="salutaPersona"><soap:operation
soapAction="urn:salutaPersona" style="document" /><wsdl:input><soap:body
use="literal" namespace=""
name="TestSOAP12Binding" type="axis2:TestPortType"><soap12:binding
transport="" style="document"
/><wsdl:operation name="salutaPersona"><soap12:operation
soapAction="urn:salutaPersona" style="document" /><wsdl:input><soap12:body
use="literal" namespace=""
name="Test"><wsdl:port name="TestSOAP11port"
/></wsdl:port><wsdl:port name="TestSOAP12port"

Ajith Ranabahu wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> See my comments inline
> On 10/27/05, Paul Grillo <> wrote:
>>  *Short question: Can I use XMLBeans as distributed by
>><>as my
>> serializer/deserializer in Axis2? If so how?
>> *
> Yes. The default databinding framework is XMLBeans :) don't specifiy any
> -d
> flag and the code gen pickes up the XMLBeans databainding
> *I have a simple WSDL backed up by a few Schemas. They generate clean java
>> classes in Axis 1.2
>> So I ran them through Axis2, and what I got was about 653 various
>> uncompiled files generated of which only about 30 reflect the actual
>> beans
>> I'll be interacting with. It also appeared to insist on pre-pending
>> "codegen.databinding" to the package names that are reflective of my
>> chosen
>> namespace. I guess I was pretty surprised at all that was generated, the
>> naming etec etc.*
> Well the XMLBeans integration to Axis2 is such that the Axis2's package
> structure decides (to a certain extent) what the XMLBeans packaging should
> be. We have not yet done the necessary work to have the full flexibilty of
> the scomp but yes, we hope to go there soon.
> *I then used scomp from xmlbeans v2 distribution, and it generated a very
>> nice jar file with pretty much what I expected. The compiler was much
>> more
>> powerful and provides me with some other capabilities. I would like to
>> use
>> this in "either" Axis 1.2 or Axis2. Is it possible?*
> I don't think Axis1 can use XMLBeans generated classes (unless you
> manually
> edit the classes). Sadly your choice will only be Axis2
> *I do not want to tie my databinding to a web services framework. I am
>> willing to use stand-alone XMLBeans. Is this doable?*
> oops! No. At the moment you cannot say 'don't do databinding'
> *thanks*
>> * *
>> * *
>> * *
>> * *
> --
> Ajith Ranabahu

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