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From Philipp Perner <>
Subject MTOM Benchmarks
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2006 18:56:27 GMT

Does anyone have benchmarks of the current releases, when trying to use 
SwA with MTOM?
Many people wrote, that they transfer files with up to 100MB.
But what are the performances of these web-services? And what 
configuration, web-server and hardware do they use?

To start this topic, I would like to post some figures I came up using 
my webService:
My Web-Service receives a datahandler which is written to harddisc. 
After successfull writing it sends a string "success" back to the client.
Both, client and server, are localhost.

Web-Server: Apache Tomcat 5.0.28
Version of Axis: Apache Axis2 1.1
Used Modules: Apache Rampart 1.1
Databinding: ADB
Attachment Type: Base64Binary
Hardware: Intel P4 3.2 GHz with 1028MB Ram
Java Key Stores: service.jks and client.jks from rampart samples

Here are the benchmarks:
no rampart items:
size 10 kb: 188ms
size 2753kb: 15.183 sec
size 14214 kb: 81.001 sec

rampart items: timestamp signature
size 10 kb: 242ms
size 2753kb: 13.594 sec
size 14214 kb: 108.829 sec

rampart items: timestamp signature encrypt
size 10 kb: 297 ms
size 2753kb: 19,484 sec
size 14214 kb: 173,579 sec

I would appreciate if someone could send some benchmarks, or at least 
comment on my figures.
Are these usual transaction times? Which times occur when sending files 
up to 100MB?



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