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From Frank Zhou <>
Subject Secure socket layer (SSL) connection problem
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2006 00:10:30 GMT
Hi All,

I am encounting a problem with setting up secure
socket layer connecttion between my TOMCAT web server
and my web service client (using AXIS 1.2 bit not a
browser client). My situation is this, in my web
service client, I need to tell the full client
keystore path to the application. And basically, I
have NO problem configuring the TOMCAT server to
accept https connection (through generating
keystore/cert et cetera), and in the client side, I
also have NO problem configuring it to have an HTTPS
connection with the server (through port 8443). 

Now if I give an INCORRECT client keystore path to the
application, I got an error saying something like "no
trusted certificate found", which is expected.
However, the problem occurs that if I subsequently
give the CORRECT keystore path, I still get the same
error. I had to stop my job server services (a
component of my application) and then the HTTPS
connection will work.

Similarly, if the first time I give the correct client
keystore path, the https connection works, and if
subsequently I give an INCORRECT keystore path, it
still works. Seems like the web server always
remembers the keystore the first it is given. 

I debugged my client code and seems like every time
when the client makes a call, it is CORRECTly giving
the current keystore path.  

Any ideas what could be the cause for this? Thanks
much in advance.


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