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From Frank Zhou <>
Subject Question about AXIS and tomcat
Date Fri, 29 Dec 2006 07:24:21 GMT
Hi, All,

I have a general question about tomcat and AXIS. Is
there any relation or execlusion between the two? I am
currently starting to work on a web service
application which the web server is hosted on TOMCAT
and the client is using AXIS to parse WSDL and making
SOAP/http calls et cetera. My web service application
basically intends to expose some functionalities of
another application through web serivce (so there is a
server component), it also try to use thrid party web
services to integrate with my other applications's
functionality (so there is a client component). The
server side is really simple from architectural point
of view, it basically just a servlet respoding to
SOAP/http calls (like publish WSDL and handling
operations as defined in the generated WSDL).

Now I am trying to expand and enhance the web service
application, but as a web service novice, I would like
to seek some expert advices here. 

(1) Can I use AXIS on the server side? can AXIS
replace the servlet? 

(2) On the client side, currently I am just able to
make SOAP/http calls. I know AXIS2 offers lots of new
features. Which of those are more important than
others from web service perspective? I am trying to
enhance my web service client so that I can better
consume third party web services like Google adwords
et cetera.
(3) Is there such a thing called platform web service?
What are the essential features of it? Maybe I am
asking wrong question here, but I am trying to
understand what I can do to enhance my server side
compoent, which currently is just a servlet

Well, enough for now, any feedback is really

Thanks much in advance.


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