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From Vedha Vijayan <>
Subject [Axis2] databinding parameters
Date Sat, 16 Dec 2006 00:46:58 GMT
Let me explain my use case and hopefully people have answers to my

I can an existing interface/implementation that I want to expose as web
service. I use Java2Wsdl to generate the wsdl file, which includes the
xsd for the defined objects. For examples, I want to expose 

  getUser(com.comergent.api.UserBean b) as a web service. 

Since the client should have no dependency on the server object/classes
(com.comergent.api.UserBean), the client uses the generated classes
(com.comergent.xsd.UserBean) from a databinding scheme. 

The client uses WSDL2Java and invokes the operation using the generated
classes. The server on having received the call has to construct its
version of a bean (com.comergent.api.UserBean) that adheres to the XSD
specified in the WSDL. 

 My question is how do i go about doing this? 

One possibility is to register custom MessageReceiver and code to AXIOM
api's to construct the bean. But, is there an alternative approach that
I can adopt. 

 Any help/insight will be greatly appreciated.


Vedha Vijayan
Senior Software Engineer
Comergent Technologies Inc.
Ph:  650 232 5833
Fax: 650 232 6010

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