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From "Boky Test" <>
Subject [Axis2] More server-side examples, communicating with the web application
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2006 16:36:39 GMT
Hi all.

Looked through the documentation, poked around, can't seem to find an
answer to my question.

I've just switched from Axis 1.x to Axis2 (Imagine my surprise: full
distribution at 7.5MB for one simple web service) and can't seem to
understand how to rewrite the service to work with new version.

Previously, the service class was in WEB-INF/classes/ and was
referencing one of the other classes of the web application
(specifically: calling one static method on another class).

Now, if I understand correctly, with Axis2 I must:
- move my service class to some other folder
- create a service.xml file
- ant up everything into an AAR file
- drop it into WEB-INF/services/

But doing this I loose connectivity with my class. Isn't there a way
to still have service classes in WEB-INF/classes/ and just "deploy"
the service.xml file (or something in these lines) or is the only
alternative to:
- make my method non static
- create a Singelton constructor
- bind the object into JNDI
- access it from my service class

Thank you all for your replies.


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