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From "keith chapman" <>
Subject Re: Newbie Questions
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2006 06:24:46 GMT
Hi Michael,

Libs actually mean third party libraries which will be needed by your web
service and WSDL's refer to the WSDL's for the service.  Currently  there is
no option  for  generating the WSDL. Currently the service archieve creator
is just a packaging tool. We hope to improve the plugin by adding all the
options available on the command line, this will be addressed after 1.1though.

I'll add a tool tip and include the details in the documentation. BTW which
version of the axis2-idea-plugin did u use? the 1.1 version of the plugin
will be available soon.


On 11/9/06, Michael Berkowitz <> wrote:
> First off, let me assure you that I've searched around the forums and the
> project documentation before posting this.  If the answers I'm seeking are
> already written up somewhere, please just point me to them.
> I would like to be able to use Axis2 in the same basic way that I used
> Axis,
> which is to start with a compiled Java interface (.class file), generate a
> WSDL from it, generate client stubs from the WSDL, and then call the
> remote
> methods in my client application using the same method signature as in the
> original interface (of course I'm leaving out a lot of steps here, like
> implementing the interface on the server, connecting the client to the
> endpoint and deploying the WSDD).
> For example, if my interface has a method that looks like this:
>         public int getusername(String name);
> I'd like to be able to call a client stub like this:
>         int i = stub.getusername("someuser");
> All the examples I've seen of Axis2 seem to wrap parameters and return
> values in classes, so that my client code would have to look something
> like:
>         ParamWrapper p = new ParamWrapper();
>         p.setName("someuser");
>         ResultWrapper r = stub.getusername(p);
>         int i = r.getResult();
> That is decidedly *not* what I'm looking for.  Frankly, I find it hard to
> believe there's anyone who wouldn't prefer to work the former way, rather
> than the latter.  My question then, is "Can I easily work the way I'm used
> to using Axis2, and if so, how?"
> If you'll continue to indulge me, I have one more question:
> I've installed the Axis2 plugin for IDEA.  When I use it I get to a screen
> asking me to "Select lib files" and "Select WSDLs".  What lib files is it
> talking about, and what WSDLs?  Won't this generate the WSDL *for* me?
> Anyway, I can't get to the Finish line with the plugin.
> Thanks in advance.
> Michael
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