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From <>
Subject RE: Axis https/SSL Server Certificate Validation question
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2006 11:53:12 GMT
For avoiding certification validation, try to use the code:


it should solve your problem.


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From: Magnus Bergman [] 
Sent: 22 novembre 2006 12.21
Subject: Re: Axis https/SSL Server Certificate Validation question

This is no axis problem, but anyway,
i don't know how to bypass the certification verification.
But a solution to your problem is:

add the self signed server cert into a truststore file that you put in
your client-jar file and configure your client-app to use your shipped
trustore file? Something like this URL url =
JarURLConnection conn = (JarURLConnection) url.openConnection(); JarFile
jar = conn.getJarFile(); JarEntry entry =
InputStream is = jar.getInputStream(entry); File tmp =
File.createTempFile("certs", ".cer"); tmp.deleteOnExit();
FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream(tmp); byte[] buffer = new
byte[1024]; int bytes; while( (bytes = > 0 )
   fos.write(buffer, 0, bytes);
url = tmp.toURL();
System.out.println("setting truststore to: " + url.getPath());

this will of course write a temporary truststore to your clients local
hard disk, but it works...


Luis Rivera wrote:
>   Dear axis users,
> I googled my way up to this point, but now I have to ask about this. I

> am sure it is being asked, but have not being able to find a way to do

> this, unless I am misunderstanding something.
> OK, I want to use https for encryption using only Server side 
> authentication. I managed to create a self signed certificate for 
> tomcat, installed in a keystore and set up the server.xml file with 
> the right info. This works great, now I can use https to browse the 
> tomcat pages, axis Validation and make sure that my own Services 
> (based on axis
> 1.4) are deployed.
> My WSDL is rpc/literal. so I basically locate the Service using the 
> right URL (https://host:port/axis/services/MyService) and got a 
> SSLHandshakeException!!!
> So, I figured the problem might be that since the browser usually 
> prompts the user to confirm if the certificate should be trusted, now 
> my program was not able to trust the certificate. Therefore, I 
> basically added the certificate to the client jre cacerts file and 
> that solved the problem.
> HOWEVER, I don't want my client to modify a file in its local hard 
> disk if possible. I want it to just ignore the fact that the 
> Certificate is not in the keystore and go on, just like I always say 
> "yes" when the browser pop up the dialog, since I am only caring for 
> encryption at this point.
> So, the question is:
> my client?
> I believe I have to use a TrustManager and a SSL context, but I am not

> sure how to connect it to the axis Engine running under my client, 
> which is the one opening the context that matters for this and 
> subsequent connections.
>   Thanks in advance, any tip will be appreciate,
>   --Luis R.
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