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From "Vietchau Nguyen" <>
Subject [Axis2] getAttribute call for OMElement
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2006 16:50:47 GMT
Hi all,


I have a simple call to getAttribute and I can't seem to call it
properly. I can use getAllAttributes() to get all of the attributes and
then go through them to find the one I'm looking for but it's not
efficient, and so any help is appreciated. I think I just miss something
very simple but I can't find it in any sample or questions.


Here is my code with getAllAttributes()



OMElement element;

Iterator<OMAttribute> OMAttIter = element.getAllAttributes();

        while (OMAttIter.hasNext()) {

            OMAttribute attri =;

            System.out.println(attri.getLocalName() + ": "+



Here is the result from the above code:


arrayType: ns1:Language[2]

type: ns1:ArrayOfLanguage

Now, I want to call getAttribute, say "type" for example, and here is my


OMAttribute attri = element.getAttribute(new QName("type"));


It didn't work (I get a null return), so next I tried the 2 following


OMAttribute arrayType = element.getAttribute(new QName("xsi", "type"));




OMAttribute attri = element.getAttribute(new


They didn't work either. I always get a null return. So, I don't know
what to try next. Can anyone help me out how to call this function?


My goal actually is to find (1) whether it's an array, and if yes, (2)
what is the size... so if there is any other way to find out these
information, please advise me.


Thanks in advance for your help,




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