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From "Rishi krish" <>
Subject single sign on with axis2
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2006 21:53:05 GMT
I am new to axis2 and am trying to figure out whats the best approach for
this scenario:

The user logs in to a j2ee application running in a j2ee server [say
Weblogic/Websphere]. The user is validated using a LDAP server [the j2ee
server handles that part] and after the authentication we have a user
Principal. Now the user need to invoke a Web service hosted by another
server [j2ee or .net] which uses the same LDAP repository for
authentication. I am developing the web service client using the
ServiceClient class in axis2 and the code is sitting in the first server. I
am at loss as to what kind of security token should I use to communicate
with the Web service. I have to pass the Principal information to the other
side and not sure whether to use the UserNameToken. The problem here is I
dont beleive the Principal has any info abt the password and that makes me
beleive that I cannot use UserNameToken. OR should I use SAML token and if
thats the case I have no idea where to get info to set up a SAML token using
the ServiceClient api. OR Axis2 ServiceClient api does not support this

Also along side I had another question - All the samples for UserNameToken
shows the userid preconfigured in the clients axis2.xml. Can the userid be
fed to the ServiceClient api programmatically. What I am trying to acheive
is dynamic userid [which might change per invocation] and not a static
preconfigured one. Though this will not help me in the above singlesign on
scenario OR may be it will - pls suggest.


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