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From c b <>
Subject WSDL2Java in AXIS2_1.1
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2006 09:44:53 GMT

I have just moved from Axis 1.4 to Axis2.
In the WSDL2Java tool, we used to have an "-i" option in Axis 1.4, which allowed you to set
implementation class. This stopped the WSDL2Java toll from generating a blank impl class.
This -i option is no longer present in Axis2.

I can just drop the -ss option and generate the client side code and solve this issue.
But If no -ss is provided then we dont get any service.xml, which is required for aar deployment.

My scenario involvs exposing existing java classes and their api as a web service.
So having a skeleton and adding some more redundant code does not make sense.

More specifically what is needed is given a name of java class, expose all the public methods

as web service in an automated fashion. i.e. the whole deployment process should happen as
a part of a utility, with no manual steps.

Any ideas,directions would help a lot.

Thanks in advance,

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