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From Nirmit Desai <>
Subject RE: Axis2 questions
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2006 14:47:17 GMT
okay, i m not using enums..


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                                       RE: Axis2 questions                 
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Just as an example, restriction based xml enums didn't quite worked well
for me.


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From: Nirmit Desai []
Sent: Monday, October 02, 2006 9:09 AM
Subject: Re: Axis2 questions

I am using wsdl2java for fairly complex schema...and document literal works well with the nightlies...

Can you describe the kinds of problems you get with wsdl2java? I use ADB
with wsdl2java...and all i have to do is fill in the skeleton level of dealing with OM is required....


             "Gul Onural"



             10/01/2006 11:11

                                       Axis2 questions

             Please respond to



I am trying to understand how to write a service without using the
wsdl2java. Our service interface uses fairly complex data types and
current status of the wsdl2java is not sufficiently bug-free for my

I have spent quite a bit time to browse through the samples come with
the std distribution and I would appreciate any help on the questions

- How does selection of the message receivers affect the service
implementation code?
For example my (very simple) test service works with RPC message
receivers but throws type mismatch exception when I change the message
receivers from RPC to RawXML.

- What is the advantages/disadvantages of using RPC message receivers
RawXML message receivers.

- About the service implementation class : Axis2 document claims that a
simple Java class can be deployed as an Axis2 service (with a proper
service.xml, etc...). However when I look at some sample services in the
Axis2 distribution, their methods (operations) are implemented to accept
OMElement as input and they return OMElement.
So, when do I need to deal with the OMElement, and when does a straight
forward Java class can be used to do the job as a service.


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