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From "Srinivas Nannapaneni" <>
Subject RE: web service operation deployment question
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2006 08:53:28 GMT

Have you tried deleting the old generated files with (skeletonDeploy=true)
and running the WSDL2Java and refreshing the folder structure, if you are
using some editor??

Srinivas N
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Sent: Thursday, October 26, 2006 1:51 PM
Subject: web service operation deployment question

Hi all,

I have used Axis 1.4 to successfully deploy the multiple-operation web
service. In my environment I have deployed both the client and server stubs
as i need to emulate a test environment, hence I need the client stubs to
call my test server impl.

The "deploy.wsdd" generated by WSDL2Java (skeletonDeploy=true) does not
specify either of the individual operations. Rather, AXIS treats the
service as a single entity and somehow reconciles the required operation
internally. Deploying this wsdd results in a working web service, and the
server config is attached as "server-config.wsdd".

As I need to give each operation a different request/response flow
combination by requirements, I need to define each operation independently
in either the client-config.wsdd or server-config.wsdd.

Generating the deploy.wsdd via WSDL2Java (skeletonDeploy=false) results in
indivual operation definitions in the deploy.wsdd (deploy-ops.wsdd).
However, after deploying this deploy.wsdd (see server-config-ops.wsdd) and
still using the skeleton classes generated above, I cannot get these client
stubs to reconcile with the server stubs as I continuously recieve the
error message
"The OperationDesc for uploadFinancialStatementFile was not synchronized to
a method of

Does anyone know how to configure the client and server wsdd's to
synchronize the request with the skeleton method?  A clear answer here
would help prevent the same question appearing quite reguarly.

Thanks in advance,
Damian Phillips

(See attached file: server-config-ops.wsdd)(See attached file:
deploy-ops.wsdd)(See attached file: server-config.wsdd)(See attached file:

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