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From "Xinjun Chen" <>
Subject [WS-Addressing] Get user-defined resource properties from the ReferenceProperties element
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2006 07:20:09 GMT
 I could not get any response from the Globus maillist regarding the
WS-Addressing question I asked before. Hopefully someone in the Axis
maillist can enlighten me on that.

 As we all know, when we WS-Addressing, we can pass the resource key of the
target service resource instance in the ReferenceProperties element.
Now I come up a question, what if I wanna also pass the invoker's resource
key to the target service?

In fact I have no problem adding the invoker resource ID at the invoker
side. The code snippet is as follows,

   org.apache.axis.message.addressing.EndpointReferenceType someEpr;
   org.apache.axis.message.addressing.AddressingHeaders headers = new

   org.apache.axis.message.addressing.ReferencePropertiesType refProp =
   String invokerResourceId = "invokerResourceId";
   // maybe I can also convert invokerResourceId into an
   // org.w3c.dom.Element and add the Element to refProp.
The problem is how can I get the invoker's resource ID from inside the
target service implementation class.

Thank you advance for any comments and suggestions.
If you know a forum where my question are more prone to be answered, please
kindly divert me there.


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