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From Martin Fernau <>
Subject need help with axis: I need upper cased attributes and have no clue how to get this
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2006 14:56:01 GMT

I'm new to axis and SOAP in general. I've basic understanding how to write web 
services with java and how to deploy the service with a deployment-descriptor 
file. I also know how to use objects as parameters within SOAP 
My problem is, that I have to implement a web service in reverse order. I've 
got a wsdl-file and an application which want's to connect to the web service 
I have to write. Let us have a look at a siple request from this application:
<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" 
  <PingRequest xmlns="...">

Okay. What I have: 
I have a Java-Class with a "PingRequest"-Method. This method is awaiting an 
UserInfo-Object. No problem. The UserInfo object itself contains the two 
strings "UserId" and "Password".

The problem is:
If i now deploy my service and using the BeanSerializer/BeanDeserializer 
Class, the UserInfo-attributes of of the generated wsdl-file are all 
beginning with small letters: "userInfo" and "password" which is 
incompatible! So, the upper request will end in an server-exception, because 
axis is awaiting an "userId"-Attribute instead of an "UserId"-Attribute (the 
same applies to the "Password").

Which possibilities I have to force the "UserId" and "Password" with UPPER 
first letters?

Any help would be appreciate.


Name            : Martin Fernau
Firma           : CPS Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH
Position        : Programmierung, Technik, Administration
Mail            :
URL             :

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