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From "Charak, Vikas" <>
Subject RE: Axis2 is ignoring my WSDL
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2006 21:03:22 GMT
I support Dan's views.  
We are creating Java Interfaces first and then WSDLs from those
interfaces, so that an external non-java client can know about the
contract. The implementation of those interfaces will happen in future. 
If we choose RPCMessageReceivers and deploy services, then Axis2 will
start creating its own WSDLs. At this point probably the WSDL which I
gave to external system may specify something else then what being
generating by AXIS2. 
An example would be message and part names in WSDL itself, which may be
different between my WSDL and AXIS2 generated WSDL. 
So I guess, definitely, I need an option where I can force Axis to use
my WSDL.
I hope <parameter name="useOriginalwsdl">true</parameter> will work for
RPCMessgereceiver also.


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Sent: Thursday, September 21, 2006 4:05 PM
Subject: Re: Axis2 is ignoring my WSDL

On 9/21/06, robert lazarski <> wrote:

> If you are using RPCMessageReceiver it doesn't make sense to use your
> own WSDL . This is a FAQ:

Yeah, I saw that a couple of days ago. I think I actually read it more
than once.

The explanation of why I would *really* like to have a WSDL generated
at build time is not something I really wanted to get into, so I'll
try to keep this short and sweet.

The presence of a WSDL at build time makes it much easier for builds
of other packages (the smallest unit of software development at my
company) to depend upon my service (at build time)--and it also makes
it possible to determine if a particular build of my service has the
contract that another developer is interested in. It is unacceptable
in our environment to have to query a WSDL from a running service at
build time--developers might not have network access, they might be
trying to code to a built-but-not-yet-deployed WSDL, or any one of a
number of different reasons.

But philosophical arguments aside, I still don't understand why my
wsdl would not be used if it is where the Axis2 docs say it should be.


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