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From Kenneth Love <>
Subject [Axis 1] Hard-coding configuration information?
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2006 20:55:58 GMT


I'm using Axis 1.4 and Tomcat 5.5 to develop a Web service.  I've
written code that works.  The code was originally generated by
WSDL2Java and has four functions in the server's Impl class.

Unfortunately, I have had to hard-code configuration information
into the source code files.  This includes things like the log file
location, the TCP port (used in the authentication class), the
incoming data directory, and the two outgoing data directories.

This would be okay (not really) if I only needed to deploy on one
machine.  Deployment will be on 3-4 different boxes with different
operating systems and different configuration information.  As the
service is currently written, each deployment would require a
different set of code.  This is a maintenance nightmare.

My searches using Google and the mailing list archives have come up
with relatively little information on how to move this configuration
information to a separate configuration file.

My other Java projects have used a properties file passed on the
command-line for configuration information.  It does not appear that
Apache Axis has the ability to do this.

Is there a way to use deploy.wsdd, web.xml, or server-config.wsdd to
obtain runtime configuration information for a deployed Web service?

What is the "best practice" for retrieving such information?

Kenneth Love

Kenneth Love                   |         Oklahoma Tax Commission
DP Programmer/Analyst          |         Information Technology
(405) 522 - 5864               |

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