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From Warren Crossing <>
Subject Re: Yet another embedded Axis question
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2006 08:05:43 GMT
Unfortunatley web services are slightly more complicated than 
SimpleAxisServer and require a lot more configuration than coding in my 
experience.  I think the configuration deployment model of axis 
(although) is flawed as the webservice is [typically] a sub component of 
the axis engine (architecturally), where as you described a webservice 
which is the primary component and passes all to axis engine for 
soap/wsdl support.

Your best bet is to use axis2 for a more advanced deployment model but 
slightly less stabilty than axis1_4.

I think the major problem here is oo component isolation, which makes it 
very difficult to have a servlet that does web and wsdl in the case of a 
dynamic web page/applet combination.  There is no easy way to share the 
session without middleware or database.

I urge you to consider using axis/web services soley as a means to 
remote connect to session or entity EJBs.


DATACOM - Diego wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am new to Axis, but I know there have been some discussion on this 
> topic before:
> is there a way to use Axis without an application server?
> Yes, I have read the FAQ and got to know the SimpleAxisServer 
> (, but it is not exactly what 
> I was looking for. I was thinking of something like an Axis API or even 
> an Axis servlet that I could use, for example, together with emebedded 
> Jetty in a standalone java application.
> My point is that my WebServices shall be very simple and I am not 
> willing to use the whole complexity of SOAP and Axis (WSDL, Tomcat, 
> etc.). Apache XML-RPC fits perfectly for my needs, but SOAP is so 
> widespread that I am in doubt. Does anybody think XML-RPC could be a 
> better choice?
> PS1.: Yes, I have seen two messages with the same subject in the 
> archives. One had no answer and the other one had a not convincing answer.
> PS2.: JWS files do not seem a good option. They reduce complexity, but I 
> still need an application server.
> Thanks in advance,

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