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From <>
Subject Invalid Date conversion
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2006 01:00:59 GMT
Hi all,
We are using Axis 1.4, we are facing problem while validating date
element passed in message. Details are as follows:
Message schema snippet:
<xs:element name="transferDate" type="xs:date">


        <xs:documentation>Date the first transfer in a series is




Invalid date passed:


After axis is done with the message handling, we get the date as
instance of Date. But the actual date we get is 2007-03-05 as internally
Calendar must be lenient and calculated date accordingly.

But this is undesired option in our application, we need to throw error
if invalid date is passed, in other words, we don't want axis to be
lenient while creating the instance from the passed date.

Any suggestions, other than following?

- Convert the datatype from xs:date to string in schema

Arvind Bir 

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