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From Jesse Vitrone <>
Subject [Axis2] service client skeleton
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2006 13:22:07 GMT
I'm currently using Axis 1.4 to generate a client from a WSDL, and I'd like to switch to Axis2.
 I'm a little confused by the different classes it generates for the client though.  

With my "BookingService" wsdl, I currently use the generated BookingServiceLocator to set
the endpoint on the fly, and get the facade, then use the facade to send the request.

I don't see a locator anywhere in the code generated by Axis2, but I do see a BookingServiceSkeleton,
but I can't find any good examples on how to use the generated skeleton.  I need to be able
to set the endpoint, and call the "createBooking" method that's on the skeleton, but I don't
see how to set the endpoint.

There's this example from the docs that seems close to what I want:

try {
            OMElement payload = ClientUtil.getEchoOMElement();
            Options options = new Options();
            options.setTo(targetEPR); // this sets the location of MyService service
            ServiceClient serviceClient = new ServiceClient();

            OMElement result = sender.sendReceive(payload);

        } catch (AxisFault axisFault) {
}But it leaves out the details like what is "ClientUtil", and what is "sender" that's calling

Does anyone have a good simple example of how to set the endpoint and what to do with the

Thanks in advance.

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