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From "Chris Riekenberg" <>
Subject Consuming a web service
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2006 09:09:29 GMT

I'm new with web services in java an got an
understanding problem.

There are two types for consuming a web service:

1) Call a service direct

Service service = new Service();
Call call = (Call)service.createCall();
String ret = (String)call.invoke(params);

2) Consuming a WSDL and creating stubs

MI_RFC_CALL_SYNC_OUTService serviceLocator =
  new MI_RFC_CALL_SYNC_OUTServiceLocator();


1.) When do you use which one?? I tried first way and it
works good with open/free web services, but it failed
with a web service of SAP XI.

2.) In first way, the WSDL-File isn't needed, is it?
I only need information out of it, but it's binded nowhere, right?

3.) Did anyone got a good example for the second way?
I read the user's guide of apache, but got problems with it.


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