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From "Michael Larkin" <>
Subject [Axis2] User Guide's Writing Web Services by Code Generating Skeleton
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2006 18:05:14 GMT
Dear Axis2 User Community,

I am having difficulty building the first (userguide) example in the Axis2
User Guide in the section entitled Writing Web Services by Code Generating
Skeleton under Packaging.

Although I am able to build create the skeleton files using WSWDL2Java, I
(apparently - or, perhaps, obviously) do not know how to successfully
compile the source. The documentation states:

"Copy the [schemaorg_apache_xmlbeans directory] to your path; compile the
skeleton and supporting classes."

Would it be possible to obtain more specific instructions?

Please note that I ran ant using the build.xml without success. I passed the
pre.compile.test step but failed in the src.compile step with “package
org.apache.<package name>” does not exits where <package name> includes
receivers, context, xmlbeans, axiom, etc.

I apologize for the naïve question and thank you, in advance, for your

(Incidentally, I would be happy to provide additional detail (if necessary)
to any documentation associated with an example that I am successfully able
to complete - undoubtedly with some assistance from the user community.
Please let me know if there is any interest.)

Again, thanks!



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