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From "Deepak Sharma" <>
Subject User Guide: Code generation for client
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2006 12:23:47 GMT
Hi Guys,

This question has already been asked in the forum and I suppose I am the
third person to ask this question. But no response has come so far to
rectify this problem. Following is the problem:

I am facing some problem creating client for the example mentioned in the
user guide. *
* <>

WSDL2Java is not generating "" instead it
is generating "" and it's Callback Handler.

Following is the client which I have written but it is not getting compiled
as echoString method expects EchoStringParam not EchoStringParamDocument.

EchoStringReturnDocument resDoc = stub.echoString(reqDoc);


public* *class* Client {

*public* *static* *void* main(String[] args) {

*try* {

Axis2SampleDocLitServiceStub stub = *new* Axis2SampleDocLitServiceStub(



EchoStringParamDocument reqDoc = EchoStringParamDocument.Factory


reqDoc.setEchoStringParam("Axis2 Echo");

EchoStringReturnDocument resDoc = stub.echoString(reqDoc);


} *catch* (Exception e) {



Looking forward for your response.


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