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From "Anne Thomas Manes" <>
Subject Re: Multiple 'rows' of data to .NET client
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 13:48:24 GMT
#1 -- Don't use SOAP Encoding. Use document/literal.
Edit any WSDL that Axis generates (e.g., change apachesoap:document to
xsd:anytype). Better yet, define your WSDL first and generate all your
code from the WSDL.


On 8/1/06, c <> wrote:
> Hello,
> My Environment
> -------------------------
> Axis 1.4 Java
> Tomcat 5.5
> Visual C# with Visual Studio 2005 (as SOAP client)
> I'm brand new to web services and having a heck of a time doing something
> that I thought would be very simple.  My web service needs to accept
> database query, execute the query and return the results.
> Since there is no standard way of communicating resultsets via SOAP, I'm
> trying to implement my own data structure for doing so.  I've been
> successful implementing 'simple' web services and calling them from a C#
> client.  By 'simple', I mean returning a string or an array of strings.
> However, this does me no good for multiple rows of data.
> Here's what I've tried:
> I've tried returning String[][] with the auto-generated WSDL but .NET chokes
> on this.
>  I've tried returning String[][] with a custom WSDL but .NET chokes on this.
> The WSDL I made was based off the post at the following url but .NET gives
> me some kind of "Unbounded groups are not supported with encoded SOAP"
> error.
> I've tried returning an XML document as org.w3c.dom.Element and
> org.w3c.dom.Document.  But this returns some kind of an apache-specific data
> type that .NET chokes on.
> I've searched the far corners of the Internet but I can't find any reliable
> answers.  Surely I must be missing big because I'm sure that the type of
> data I'm trying to exchange here is not uncommon.
> I may have to resort to just cramming everything into one big string and
> handle my own character escaping and row delimiters, etc.  But it doesn't
> seem like I should have to do that.
> Would love some ideas.  Thanks.

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