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Subject Re: Unable to compress message with GZIP in Axis 1.4
Date Sun, 13 Aug 2006 23:54:52 GMT

Hi Cyril,

I may be missing something here but shouldnt the point of http compression
be to compress the message on the client *prior* to sending it over the
(je: If I have to send my message (uncompressed) over the wire to the web
server which then compresses the message and routes the compressed data to
the app server wouldnt that be redundant?).

The instructions at outline that
setting the HTTPConstants.MC_GZIP_REQUEST property on the service instance
in the client layer in conjunction with changing the client wsdd to
specifiy using a compression-enabled http transporter such as
CommonsHTTPSender enables sending out compressed messages from the client.

I have traced through the Axis code on my local machine and can confirm
that CommonsHTTPSender is picking up on the MC_GZIP_REQUEST property and
kicks off the appropriate GZipOutputStream, however the messages are never
recieved at the endpoint in a compressed state.

I will hook up Websphere to recieve incoming endpoint calls via IHS once I
recieve the messages in a compressed state.

Has anyone else had a problem sending out compressed messages via Axis 1.4?
I have followed the instructions at the above URL, so is there something
additional that I should be doing?

Any further advice would be appreciated.

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   Hello Damian,

   Did you enable http compression on your server ?

   Usually, it is done in the http server layer. In Websphere world ;
it is usually done in Ibm Http Server (aka IHS) layer with

   Here is a doc of mod_deflate :

   Hope this helps,


Cyrille Le Clerc

On 8/10/06,
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to use the out of the box axis compression to send a gzipped
> message with using Axis 1.4 as per the instructions outlined in
>, however the
> messages are being sent to the endpoint uncompressed.
> I am using Axis 1.4 with J2SE 5.0 and commons-httpclient 3.1.0 with
> 3.2 and websphere 6.1 all on my local
> dev machine.  I have set up a servlet filter to intercept and log the
> incoming web service calls at the endpoint
> *prior*  to the axis listener (which it does according to my stacktrace),
> hence prior to any decompression. The extracted
> InputStream message is the readable (hence uncompressed) SOAP XML that I
> sent through.
> Is this a known issue of sorts,or perhaps a library version
> interoperability problem, or am I just
> missing something?
> Are there any known issues such as this in using Axis 1.4 with J2SE 5.0?
> Any help would be greatly appeciated
> Damian Phillips
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